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Daily 8-Hour Roadmap to Learn React JS (MERN) – The Ultimate Guide to Mastering the Latest Version


Are you looking to learn React JS, a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces, and become a MERN stack developer? This comprehensive guide will provide you with a daily 8-hour roadmap, complete with detailed resources, links, and tools to learn React JS’s latest version. Let’s dive in and start your journey to mastering React JS!

Day 1: JavaScript Fundamentals and React Introduction

  1. Brush up on JavaScript fundamentals (2 hours) Resource: Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) –
  2. Introduction to React JS (1 hour) Resource: Official React JS Documentation –
  3. Set up your development environment (1 hour) Resource: Create React App –
  4. Learn about React components and JSX (2 hours) Resource: React Components and JSX –
  5. Build a simple React app (2 hours) Tutorial: Build a Simple React App –

Day 2: React Components and State Management

  1. Deep dive into React components (2 hours) Resource: React Component Lifecycle –
  2. Understand React state management (2 hours) Resource: React State and Lifecycle –
  3. Learn about React hooks (2 hours) Resource: React Hooks Introduction –
  4. Practice building custom hooks (1 hour) Tutorial: Building Custom Hooks –
  5. Build a React app using state management and hooks (1 hour) Project: React Weather App –

Day 3: Styling and Routing

  1. Learn about CSS-in-JS and styled-components (2 hours) Resource: Styled-components –
  2. Practice styling React components (2 hours) Tutorial: Styling React Components –
  3. Learn React Router for navigation (2 hours) Resource: React Router Documentation –
  4. Practice implementing routing in a React app (1 hour) Tutorial: React Router Tutorial –
  5. Build a React app with routing and navigation (1 hour) Project: React Blog App –

Day 4: State Management Libraries and Forms

  1. Introduction to Redux (2 hours) Resource: Redux Official Documentation –
  2. Learn about React-Redux (2 hours) Resource: React-Redux Official Documentation –
  3. Practice using Redux in a React app (2 hours) Tutorial: Redux Basics in a React App –
  4. Learn about React forms and Formik (1 hour) Resource: Formik –
  1. Build a React app using Redux and Formik (1 hour) Project: React Todo App with Redux and Formik –

Day 5: API Integration and Context API

  1. Learn about Fetch API and Axios (1 hour) Resource: Fetch API – Resource: Axios –
  2. Practice integrating APIs in a React app (2 hours) Tutorial: Building a React App with API Integration –
  3. Introduction to Context API (1 hour) Resource: React Context API –
  4. Practice using Context API (2 hours) Tutorial: Using Context API in React –
  5. Build a React app with API integration and Context API (2 hours) Project: Movie Search App –

Day 6: Testing and Performance Optimization

  1. Introduction to React testing with Jest and React Testing Library (2 hours) Resource: Jest – Resource: React Testing Library –
  2. Practice writing tests for React components (2 hours) Tutorial: Testing React Components –
  3. Learn about React performance optimization (2 hours) Resource: React Performance Optimization –
  4. Practice optimizing React app performance (1 hour) Tutorial: React Performance Optimization Techniques –
  5. Build a React app with testing and optimization in mind (1 hour) Project: React Calculator App –

Day 7: Deployment and Next Steps

  1. Learn to deploy a React app on Netlify (1 hour) Tutorial: Deploying a React App on Netlify –
  2. Practice deploying your React projects (1 hour)
  3. Introduction to the MERN stack (1 hour) Resource: MERN Stack Overview –
  4. Build a full-stack MERN app (4 hours) Project: MERN Stack Social Media App –
  5. Reflect on your progress and plan future learning (1 hour)


This 8-hour daily roadmap, complete with detailed resources, links, and tools, will set you on the path to mastering React JS and becoming a MERN stack developer. Remember, consistency and practice are crucial for success. Keep building projects, collaborating with others, and expanding your knowledge to become a skilled React JS developer. Good luck!



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